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Turkey hike, Lycian way, Tahtali mount - Adventure club WeWalk


13.10.2020 – 21.10.2020
Mount Tahtali hike

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Trekking in Turkey – Lycian way hike 



Hiking holidays in Turkey, Lycian way – Tahtali. Turkey has firmly established its reputation as a “resort country” with stereotyped “all inclusive” hotels – meanwhile, it is time to replace this stereotype with a much more unique picture! We propose you to go to a fascinating country with a very rich ancient culture, powerful mountain ranges, pine forests by the Mediterranean Sea, deep and turbulent river canyons … For all these natural treasures, the Lycian Trail is deservedly included in the TOP of the most beautiful and popular trekking routes in the world!

Dare to succumb completely to the charm of Turkey – to swim in the wild and secluded sea caves, climb to the top of Olympus, stroll through the ancient ruins and plunge into the life of ordinary Turkish people in small picturesque villages. A small gastronomic bonus – tangerines, pomegranates and oranges every day within reach, fresh sea fish and barbecue … right on the fires of Chimaera, a huge natural “gas stove” with flames bursting out of the ground!

Don’t miss this opportunity and sign up for the most pleasant summer breeze in the middle of the rainy autumn!



This is a full-fledged hike that will require stamina and good equipment from you because we will carry food for several days, sleeping bags, and tents. However, additional skills and special equipment are not required. We will walk 10-18 km a day, be ready to walk 6-10 hours on the most varied terrain. The maximum altitude on the route is 2366 meters, during the passage we will gain and drop at least 500 meters of altitude. Difficult and intriguing!



Overnight stays during the trip are mainly held in campsites in a tent. Camping sites always have all the necessary amenities – shower, kitchen, laundry, etc. In towns and cities, we will stay in small family hotels. We will prepare food together during the trip consisting of balanced meals specially designed for long hikes. The weather in Turkey in autumn is warm, if not hot. During the day it can be up to 30 degrees Celsius, at night not colder than 10 degrees. We advise you to take a lightweight sleeping bag and cushion, trekking shoes with good tread, and don’t forget about sunscreen. 


Small groups up to 16 people

Key elements of the adventure


  • ruins of the ancient city of Olympos
  • trekking to the top of Tahtali Dag (2366 m)
  • mystical Fires of Chimaera
  • distinctive Turkish cuisine
  • unlimited pomegranates and oranges straight from the trees
  • warm and azure Mediterranean sea
  • ruins of an ancient fortress in the village of Gedelme
  • body rafting and skyline in a beautiful canyon
  • traditional turkish hammam
  • walk through the old town of Antalya




  • food on the trek
  • all transfers
  • entrance to national parks
  • accommodation in campsites and hotels
  • Turkish hammam
  • canyoning
  • guide services
  • consultation and selection of plane tickets
  • full informational support in the process of preparing and getting ready for the hike
  • selection of the necessary equipment (rental or purchase)
  • first aid kit

Not included

    • plane tickets
    • insurance
    • food in cafes and restaurants
    • souvenirs


Trip plan


Day one
First group meeting at the international terminal at Antalya airport, from where we will take a bus and go to the starting point of our route – Goynuk village. On the first day, after a long journey, we will rest in a camping by the sea coast to relax in a cedar grove and swim in the sea before hiking in the mountains!
Day two
We set off to explore the wonder of Turkish nature – the Harmony Canyon. Leaving our backpacks at the campsite near the canyon, we will walk up the river, admiring the lakes, grottoes and high rocky shores. Those who want extreme sensations can try themselves in canyoning and skyline!
Day three
Full of energy, we begin our ascent along the canyon. Today on our way up there will be endless pomegranate gardens and … forest crabs! Seeing is believing!
Day four
This day will be remembered as one of the brightest – we will visit the village of Gedelme, where the ruins of the ancient Genoese defensive fortress lie. In addition, we will stroll through a sycamore grove, karst cave and enjoy ripe persimmons at a nearby farm!
Day five
We will climb higher and higher to the plateau under the top of the local Olympos – Takhtali Dag! Coniferous forests make a magical surrounding for mountain landscapes and fantastic views of the summit.
Day six. We will rise to the trail, where we will leave our backpacks. Then we will continue climbing lightly – until we reach a panoramic platform where you can see the entire Antalya coast, villages and meadows below. We will then go down until we reach the village of Beychik, where we will stop for the night in a small hotel with amazing local cuisine.
Day six
We speed up while going downhill towards the sea! On the way we stop in the village of Ulupınar, where we will be offered to catch a trout on the local farm and enjoy it for lunch. At the end of the day we will arrive at an incredible wonder of nature – Chimera’s fire and burnt soil from which flames burst! We will spend overnight at the campsite right by the sea!
Day seven
Picking up speed on the way down to the sea! On the way, we will stop in the village of Ulupinar, where you can catch trout on local farms and dine on it. At the end of the descent, we will witness an incredible miracle of nature – the fires of the Chimaera, the scorched earth, from where the flame bursts out! We will spend the night camping by the sea on Cirali Beach.
Day eight
No crossings planned for this day – we will be relaxing on one of the best beaches in Turkey, visiting the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos and in the evening we will go back to Antalya. We will spend the evening walking through the old town and the Turkish bazaar – here you can buy aromatic spices, Turkish delights and local souvenirs. And in the evening we will go to the hammam to pamper ourselves after such active trekking.
Day nine
It’s time to go home! The journey along the Lycian Way is over, but now there are even more reasons to return to Turkey – there are still so many pearls for the travelers to discover in this country!


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