3.10.2020 – 11.10.2020
Lycian Way hike

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Lycian Way hiking trail – coast line trekking



Turkey – Lycian way hike. This route is the sanatorium and spa resort in the world of trekking routes! In the midst of rainy autumn days, we invite you on an adventure along the Turkish coast! Every day we will stop in a new azure bay of the Mediterranean Sea, our motto on this trip is “not a day without a new beach!” Light backpacks and small crossings make the trip suitable for absolutely everyone – even children can easily cope with daytime hiking routes. Special call for history buffs! You will be delighted strolling through the ancient ruins of the Greek cities of Phaselis and Olympos.

We propose you to go to incomparable Turkey, with its ancient unique culture, picturesque cliffs and pine forests near the Mediterranean Sea, orchards … For all these natural treasures, the Lycian Trail is deservedly included in the TOP of the most beautiful and popular trekking routes in the world! A small gastronomic bonus – tangerines, pomegranates and oranges every day within reach, fresh sea fish and barbecues … right on the Chimaera Fire, a huge natural “gas stove”, with flames bursting out of the ground!

October is the right time to get your swimsuit and flippers again … let’s go to Turkey!



Anyone can join us on this trip, regardless of experience and physical condition. The light backpacks, comfortable trail and great weather make the trip extremely comfortable and ideal as a first trekking experience.



Overnight stays during the trip are mainly held in campsites in a tent. Camping sites always have all the necessary amenities – shower, kitchen, laundry, etc. In towns and cities, we will stay in small family hotels. We will prepare food together during the trip – consisting of a balanced meal specially formulated for long hikes. The weather in Turkey in autumn is warm, if not hot, during the day it can be up to 30 degrees Celsius, at night not colder than 10 degrees. We advise you to take a lightweight sleeping bag and cushion, trekking shoes with good tread, and sunscreen.


Small groups up to 16 people

Key elements of the adventure


  • ruins of the ancient cities of Phaselis and Olympos
  • every-day swim in the sea
  • mystical Fires of the Chimaera
  • distinctive Turkish cuisine
  • unlimited pomegranates and oranges straight from the trees
  • wild bays
  • walk through the old city of Antalya
  • lightweight backpacks and great weather




  • food on the trek
  • all transfers
  • entrance to national parks
  • accommodation in campsites and hotels
  • guide services
  • consultation and selection of plane tickets
  • full informational support in the process of preparing and getting ready for the hike
  • selection of the necessary equipment (rental or purchase)
  • first aid kit

Not included

  • plane tickets 
  • insurance
  • food in cafes and restaurants
  • souvenirs


Trip plan


Day one

Our group meets at the international terminal at Antalya airport, get on a bus and go to the starting point of our route – Camyuva village. On the first day, a little tired after a long journey, we will walk quite a bit and stop near the ancient Greek ruins in the city of Phaselis. After resting and swimming in the sea, we will go and take a look at the Lycian heritage.

Day two
This day could be understood as an exciting marathon through beaches, coves and bays! The first will be the huge Tekirova beach, after which, moving along the steep coast, we will pass many wild bays, in one of which we will camp.
Day three
The trek will begin with a visit to the incomparable Karaburun Bay and end at the legendary Cirali Beach, where we will camp under the cedars. In the evening, we will have an incredible barbecue at the Chimaera Fire – this is a place where flames burst right from under the scorched earth, according to the legend, an ancient monster is buried here – Chimaera, defeated by Bellerophon and imprisoned alive under the rocks.
Day four
Morning swim at Cirali beach – and back on the road. We will take a look at the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos and continue walking towards Mount Musa. On the isthmus between Cirali and Adrasan we will stop for the only non-sea overnight stay in our journey.
Day five
We will reach Adrasan – the city of orchards and fruit plantations. Here you can recharge yourself with vitamins from pomegranates, persimmon tangerines…. And of course we are back on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea!
Day six
We will walk along a beautiful path through a pine forest, where picturesque cliffs will give us the chance to admire the sea coast – where the Gelidonia lighthouse, erected in 1936 by the French, lies,. Here we will set up our camp so as not to miss the sunset overlooking the Beshaladar archipelago.
Day seven
Have you ever been to a pirate hideout? On day seven we will go to Pirate Bay, where the ruins of an old fort lie. We will rest in this indescribably beautiful bay and recover with fruits and the salty waters of the Mediterranean Sea. A cozy bay and our tents will make the most pleasant five-star hotel you could imagine.
Day eight
The journey comes to an end at the city of Makvyent, from where we will go back to Antalya. We will spend the evening walking around the old town and the Turkish bazaar – where you can buy aromatic spices, Turkish delights and local souvenirs. In the evening, those who wish can visit the traditional Turkish hammam.
Day nine
It’s time to go home! The journey along the Lycian path is over, but now there are even more reasons to return to Turkey – there are still so many pearls for the travelers to discover in this country!


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