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Adventure tour to Cappadocia



Trip to Cappadocia – this charming region of Turkey, which almost everyone has probably seen at least once in pictures of countless hot air balloons rising in the air over a fabulous landscape of mountainous canyons. This year, together with WeWalk, you will experience a picturesque sunrise in one of them. This is a land where ancient underground cities are perfectly preserved. Land with monasteries and castles carved into the rocks, mysterious valleys and colourful columns, which feels like they are almost made specifically for peaceful walks and photographs.

You will be granted an opportunity to feel like a medieval traveller, finding a night’s sleep in a cave every night. But don’t worry, there- in the walls of these hotels carved in rocks you will still be able to access Wi-Fi and other goods of modern civilization

Passing through Ihlar Canyon – a huge gap that divides the steppes, exploring numerous underground cities and making a wish in the Valley of Love is waiting for you. The WeWalk team is going on an expedition into the heart of Turkey!



The adventure is suitable for absolutely anyone, regardless of previous hiking experience and level of fitness. Extremely light backpacks, light trails and great weather make this adventure very suitable for the first trekking experience.



We will spend every night in the comfortable cave guest houses with all the necessary amenities.  We will go on daily hikes, leaving everything in the place of accommodation. Breakfast will be eaten in the guesthouse and we will bring some light snacks to eat on the road. Dinner will be available at your choice, in guest houses or in local cafes or restaurants. The weather in Cappadocia will be warm – around 17 degrees during the day and around 10 during the night. We suggest that you bring comfortable shoes for trekking and a raincoat just for safety.



Key elements of the adventure


  • Hot air balloon flight
  • The famous Valley of Love
  • Spectacular Valley of Daggers;
  • Red, Pink and Dove valleys.
  • An ancient underground city of caves
  • Overnight stays in cave guest houses
  • Turkish cuisine and delicacies




  • All transfers along the route
  • Entrance to national parks and attractions
  • Accommodation in cave guest houses
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Guide services
  • Advice on purchasing airline tickets
  • Procurement of the necessary equipment (rental or purchase)
  • First aid kit

Not included

  • Airline tickets (we help to procure)
  • Visits to cafes and restaurants
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs)

Trip plan


Day one

In the morning we are meeting each other in the beautiful village of Göreme where we move into a unique guest house-situated in rocks in which we will also have breakfast after which we will finally start to explore Cappadocia and go on a spectacular trip to the Valley of Daggers (Kiliclar Vadisi) as well as Red and Pink valleys. Amazingly peculiar rock shapes resemble mushrooms or even fairy houses. 14 kilometers will go in the blink of an eye!

Day two

The Valley of Doves with its cave towns will take us all the way to the Uçhisar Fortress – one of the highest points in Cappadocia. There we will enjoy a panoramic view overlooking all the valleys walked in the day before and our already beloved village of Göreme. We will return back to our home through the Valley of Love with its famous coloured columns.​

Day three

Today we have will have to wake up at 5 in the morning! Just in time to get into the basket of hot air balloon and watch the tacular sunrise. Definitely a sight that will remain in the memories for a very long time! After the flight, we will go to Çаvuşin- a mysterious city, reminiscent of a huge anthill. Next, looking at the mushroom-shaped cliffs of Paşabaģ, we will go to the next cave valley – Zelve, which will surprise you with its multi-storey grottoes.

Day four

We drive to the huge canyon of the Cappadocian steppe – Ihlara, at the bottom of which there is a whole new World with a river, forests and gardens full of blooming flowers. Another complex with inhabited caves will surprise you with its rock monastery Selime, whose towers are made of rocky “mushrooms”.

Day five

It’s time to leave our cave and right after leaving our beloved guest house, we will go to the medieval town of Derinkuyu. From the outside it looks like it’s just a hole in the ground, but it actually has 8 floors with canteens, places to stay overnight, mines and even a church! After visiting Derinkuyu, we will visit the capital of Cappadocia – Nevsehir, where we will buy souvenirs for ourselves and our relatives back home. In the evening we go home via Istanbul or Antalya.


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