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Kings trail hike, Sweden, 11 days - Adventure club WeWalk


01.09.2020 – 11.09.2020
King’s Trail

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Hike in the Swedish Lapland



Do you want to surprise your friends with an unusual trip this summer? Hopefully, after hearing “Sweden”, drawing three meals a day at a buffet in a three-star hotel is not the first thing that comes into your mind. After all, we invite you to go to Swedish Lapland – a natural reserve in remote Scandinavia, where the legendary trekking route “Kungsleden” (King’s Trail) runs.

Wild places, mesmerizing beauty of the tundra, midnight sun and free-walking reindeers will be the fundamental elements of our hike along the northern part of the King’s Trail, all the way from the village of Abisku to Nikkaluokta. As you can imagine, we won’t be skipping Kebnekaise Mountain (2160 m), the highest point in Sweden!

Sweden is harsh and beautiful in the summer and, even if we will have to overcome rains, steep climbs, swamps and northern winds along the way, we won’t let the heaviness of our backpacks distract us from the beauty of the Swedish landscapes and we will always enjoy warm nights in very cozy campsites.



Trekking in Sweden does not involve serious physical challenges, sharp climbs or steep descents. Comfortable sleepovers and lightweight backpacks also make transitions and recuperation easier. However, the northern weather together with several hours of trekking make the adventure not so easy, we advise you to start a moderate sports preparation for the trip a couple of weeks in advance.



Overnight stays during the trip are held in campsites in tents. Accommodation in houses is possible for a small surcharge. The campsites are fully equipped – shared kitchen and living room, a shop, and sauna. Important – there is no internet in the campsites! We will prepare food together during the trip – balanced meals specially designed for long hikes. The weather in late summer in Sweden is moderately warm, frosty nights are possible though. It is worth remembering that the weather in the north is changeable, prolonged rains might fall. We kindly ask you to bring warm and reliable protection from the north wind and rain.


SMALL GROUPS op to 16 people

Key elements of the adventure


  •  Northern unspoilt nature without trace of civilization
  •  Reindeer company
  •  The opportunity to plunge into the lifestyle of 100 years ago
  •  The mesmerizing Kebnekaise peak
  •  Magnificent canyon of the Abisko river
  •  The vast expanses of the Swedish tundra
  •  Crystal clear lake and river
  •  Authentic Swedish sauna every evening



Included in the price

  • food on the hike
  • All transfers (train Stockholm – Abisku and Kiruna – Stockholm, bus Nikkaluokta – Kiruna)
  • Membership fee to the Swedish tourist union
  • Accommodation in tents
  • Guide services
  • Consultation and selection of plane tickets
  • Full information support in the process of preparation and packing for the hike
  • Selection of the necessary equipment (rental or purchase)
  • First aid kit

Not included

  • Plane tickets
  • Accommodation in houses (optional)
  • Insurance
  • Schengen visa (if required)


Trip plan


Day one
Meet the group in Stockholm to take the night train to start our journey in the small town of Abisko.
Day two
Our train arrives at Abisko at 11 a.m., we will refresh ourselves in a mountain hotel and then begin our first trek of 14 km, first along the canyon of the river of the same name and after by the lake Abisko. We will keep going through the mountain valley separating Sweden and Norway, and in the evening, at the southern end of the lake, we will find ourselves in a tourist shelter, a cozy little house overlooking the Scandinavian mountains.
Day three
On this day the longest passage in the entire hike awaits. We will be walking 21 km. A significant part of the path lies through swampy valleys, with prudently laid wooden paths and bridges. Despite the long distances, this day will not be difficult. The trail is comfortable, and we will only get to a maximum elevation of 350 meters.
Green landscapes, snow, lakes and endless tundra will surround us and in the evening we will reach the Alesjaure hut located on the edge of a beautiful lake.
Day four
A short walk with a discreet elevation of 200 meters. A shelter called Chakcha is located 1000 meters above sea level, and it is the highest camping place in our entire route, with stunning views around.
Day five
From our campsite we will raise until we overcome the mountain range and, in the end, we will descend through the stones and swampy lowlands to the next location of our overnight stay – the Selka hut.
Day six
On day six differences in altitude will also be minor. At the crossroad of the trails, where the Singi shelter lays, we will find one path that goes south along the main route of the King’s Trail, and a second path towards the eastern village of Nikkaluokta. Those will be challenges for us to face on the seventh day – a fragrant dinner by the fireplace of our hut awaits.
Day seven
To the left of the trail rises a mountain range crowned by the highest peak in Sweden – Mount Kebnekaise (2106 m). We will spend the night at the hotel with beer and wifi!
Day eight
For this day our goal is to conquer the Kebnekaise mountain. To do this we will have to rise and then drop 1400 meters. Walking will be light and easy which, together with good weather will grant us a comfortable journey. In the evening, we will drink mulled wine at a sauna by the fireplace.
Day nine
Marching from the native Scandinavian tundra back to civilization! A scenic path through groves of dwarf birches will lead us to Nikkaluokta, many rivers and lakes will be encountered along the way. And so we finally reach the hotel, where we will definitely arrange a festive dinner, to celebrate the trekking part of our adventure has come to an end.
Day ten
In the morning we will leave by bus for Kiruna, the most populated city in the region. Kiruna is a mining town; as a result of the collapse of coal mines, it was moved several kilometers. We have a couple of hours, before the train leaves, to get to know this city. In the evening we board the train and return to Stockholm.
Day eleven
We will arrive in Stockholm with the morning train and the time to say goodbye will have finally come. If you wish, you can stay in the Capital for a day or two, there is a lot to see!


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