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Santiago de Compostela

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Hike Camino Primitivo trail



Medieval Pilgrim’s Route is considered to be the most scenic of the many sections of the entire Camino de Santiago, which attracts thousands of travellers each year not only because of its sacred value, but also because of its enchanting mountain scenery and breath-taking natural terrain.

We will follow in the footsteps of the pioneer of this journey, King Alfonso II of Austria all the way from the ancient city of Oviedo to the medieval Santiago de Compostela, where the Apostle Jacob is buried. The first part of the trip will take us through the mountains of Cantabria, where we will cover long distances with big altitude changes. Physical challenges will be rewarded by beautiful mountain landscapes authentic Spanish villages, pristine trails, ancient monasteries and castle ruins.

After our long hikes, we will have an opportunity to feed our appetite with local gastronomic “delights” – Galician cheeses, wines, sausages and ciders from the Asturian region – which will only add even more fun to our trip through this very unique part of Spain.

For our adventure to not be forgotten over the years, as a reward for finishing this 250-kilometre-long challenge, you will get a new passport (certificate of finishing the route), more valuable and significant than any souvenir that can be bought in Spain.

Join us in our adventure and we can promise – Santiago’s path leads not only through centuries-old secrets, but also on the road to getting to know yourself better.



Despite the fact that the backpack will have a minimal weight (we will buy food during the hikes) and only a light sleeping bag will be needed from the equipment, this route will require strength and comfortable trekking shoes as it is planned to hike 20-30 km per day on mountainous terrain. Nevertheless, the difficulty of the hike is moderate with moderate changes in altitude.



Throughout the route we will spend the night in the Albergue – Camino Santiago pilgrimage accommodation. Most of the Albergues are modest in appearance, but have all the needed amenities, such as shower, kitchen and lounge area. The weather is projected to be very pleasant; addition of suitable footwear and waterproof clothing must be carefully considered.


Small groups up to 16 people




  • Breakfast and lunch en route
  • All transfers (Madrid – Tineo; Santiago de Compostela – Madrid)
  • Accommodation in Albergue and hostels
  • Pilgrim’s passport, official certificate of the route.
  • Guide services
  • Consultations and assistance with airline tickets
  • Full information and support in the preparation process
  • Consultations regarding choice of equipment (purchase or rental options)
  • First aid kit

Not incuded

  • Flights (we help to purchase)
  • Travel insurance
  • Dinner (from 5 to 10 euros per day)
  • Personal expenses and souvenirs


Day Trip plan


Day one

Day We will meet at the Madrid bus station, from where we will get on a bus to Oviedo – a city which in the 8th century was founded by monks. This is where the road to the Camino Primitivo begins from the iconic San Salvador Cathedral. On this day we are preparing for the trip – we receive our credentials – pilgrim passports, in which we will have to collect stamps every day for finishing a certain part of the route. Later we will also walk around the historic city and get into our first Albergue.

Day two
We are leaving early in the morning! Our route starts in Tineo, where we will finally see the sign, we will follow for the next ten days- the yellow shell and the arrow. After the first 18 km with small terrain changes, we will reach the village of Borrés with small authentic cottages and several farms.
Day three
On this day we are in due for a gradual and in some places even rapid ascent to the highest point of the whole hike – 1200 m above sea level. While climbing over the highlands we will see peaceful landscapes with mountainous terrain and windmills.
Day four
Now we are going down the glorious mountain serpentine to the reservoir on the dam where we will stop to take a breath and relax. Later we will reach the Grandas de Salime, where we will also spend the night in the local Albergue.
Day five
We continue our journey through the mountains and forest trails until we finally will arrive in Galicia around noon. There we will enjoy the seafood and will have a pleasant walk towards our accommodation.
Day six
We start to descend of a gradual hill: picturesque mountain terrain, Spanish villages, pastures and, most importantly, easier hiking stages await us now. The most difficult stages of the hike are already behind us!
Day seven
We will reach the large Spanish city of Lugo, surrounded by ancient Roman walls. Accustomed to the quiet provincial villages all through our adventure, this city will seem to boil and smoke in the hustle and bustle of life – countless cafes and restaurants, shops and tourists. We will spend a pleasant evening in our friendly company.
Day eight
Our route now becomes smoother and smoother. We will spend the night in a very cozy countryside accommodation in a newly renovated charming historical building.
Day nine
And here we finally arrive in the city where the French road Santiago and our Camino Primitivo met. The last hills are behind. We stay overnight at Albergue in Melide.
Day ten
We continue our trek across the green fields of Galicia along countless Spanish farms. Be sure to stop for a small photo session on the popular bridge made of flat boulders and visit the Iglesia de Santiago and the Capilla de la Magdalena, as well as what is left of the Convento de la Magdalena. We spend the night in beautiful Santa-Irene.
Day eleven
For ten days we walked towards our goal – Santiago de Compostela. Ancient city, its streets and squares are shrouded in mystery, legend and mysticism. In the historic part of the city, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the remains of St. Jacob are buried. The main sight of the city – St. Jacob’s Cathedral, visited every year by pilgrims from all over the world. We get the long-awaited certificate and together celebrate the end of our pilgrimage.
Day twelve
It’s time to say goodbye and return home with new experiences!


We’ll get in touch with you.

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