WeWalk.lv privacy policy

WeWalk.lv adventure travel club privacy policy


WeWalk.lv is by the definition a small enterprise (under 15 employees), therefore GDPR compliance is handled internally. To inquire regarding maintenance and regular monitoring of data subjects, please contact company via e-mail: info@wewalk.lv.

Data Privacy

Safeguarding of your (further-subject) personally identifiable information is our main priority. Submitted information is processed accordingly to statutory privacy provisions and also this Data Privacy Policy.

Generally, it is possible to utilize website www.wewalk.lv without entering any personally identifiable information. Submission of collected information (such as name, postal address or email address) is done by subjects on a voluntary basis and with consent of subject.

Processing Agents and Recipients

Subject’s personally identifiable data is being processed with the assistance of processing agents who provides company with specific support through services they provide (e.g. Web hosts, e-mail collecting and distribution services etc.).

Mentioned processing agents are under law obliged to protect your voluntarily submitted identifiable information and cannot utilize this information for no other purposes than to fulfil our services.

Contact Form/Newsletter Submission

After subject has submitted the contact form, provided personally identifiable information will be processed internally in order to sufficiently respond to your request, for which permission was expressed by form that was mentioned before.

Subject is not under any contractual or legal obligation to provide wewalk.lv with personally identifiable information.

Subject reserves right to revoke permission to store its personally identifiable information by declaring it in writing. Performing this does not affect the legality of previously performed procession of subjects personally identifiable information preceding to the declining subject’s permission.